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12-Jul-2019 16:38

Heck, Kelsey at one point even entertained having a baby with Father Christmas. She’s the perfect mix of charismatic and awkward that works well for this exact type of programming: hitting on lots of random Sim dudes in order to make lots of babies.

If I had more time on my hands, I would totally be doing this challenge right now myself. Let me know if you’d eventually like a follow-up post about my own experiences. Understandably, there are a lot of You Tubers publishing their experiences with the challenge on their channels right now. But what is it about Kelsey’s show that makes me an avid weekly viewer? It’s a very niche type of video that she makes super fun and accessible, even if you’re just a casual video game player (which, for the record, I consider myself to be).

Because of her infamous love of Craig, several viewers made Craig Sims to “donate” to Kelsey’s matriarch. So expect to see a lot of baby Craigs running around in future episodes.

This show has been a delightful distraction, and I highly recommend checking it out.

is, and that it allows for players to create fun in-game challenges like this.

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After all, I don’t think you can call it Senioritis anymore when you’re, like, in 100th grade. By indulging in a little You Tube show called Catchy title, I know. Should I start with the basics, in case you somehow have been living under a rock and have never played the magical time-sucking game that is is a sandbox-style game where you basically just make people, give them jobs, have them meet other people, have babies, and go about their everyday lives. When I don’t play for a while, I miss it, but I also have to watch myself because if I allow myself to play it, I will 100% not get anything accomplished for weeks. Enter the delightful Kelsey Impicciche and her show on the Buzz Feed Multiplayer channel on You Tube.

It’s Mat Pat (u/matpatgt) from The Game Theorists and Film Theorists on You Tube.

I spend my life overanalyzing video games, movies, and TV.

At the end of the day, just knowing that you're so interested and excited to see the series means a lot. Furthermore, just because You Tubers want to collab on each others videos, doesn't give youtubeaphobes the right to call it "unnatural" or "against the word of media"So basically, fuck off with your bigotedness, and leave these You Tubers alone!!!

And so, things like the free VR episodes, and the free episode of Mirror's Edge, hopefully, will tide you over until you're ready to make the purchase elsewhere down the line. And I know that might sound like a weird answer, but I try to keep a really high threshold of what I will and won't post. By the way, yes, i am very very inoxicated right now.we’re not monsters) in as few generations as possible.