Wsus not updating all clients

14-Aug-2019 12:59

A detection function in WSUS creates a report on the updates available for each machine.This provides an inventory of the Microsoft software on each endpoint with the version status of each program.An exploit in the operating system can give hackers access to the underlying firmware of your computer and give them unrestricted access to all software and data stored on your equipment.Therefore, WSUS is an essential tool for any business running the Windows Server environment.Fortunately, a number of small utilities can organize the data produced by WSUS and help you keep track of the software versions operating on your network.WSUS periodically checks the Microsoft servers for software updates and downloads them into a central repository.Keeping all of your software up to date is an important guard against viruses and network intrusions.

With this tool, you can start off by making sure that each WSUS agent is actually operating and that the central WSUS server can communicate with each of them.

The Diagnostic Tool will check all for the configuration values of each agent and report on them to give you a baseline.

Nine times out of ten, this check will solve most of your update syncing problems.

Other settings in WSUS block manual changes to Microsoft products operating on each computer.

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Although WSUS does very well as a patch management service, gaps in its functionality can be filled by other tools.This free utility from Solar Winds enhances WSUS and is a step between bare WSUS capabilities and full patch management.

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