Wsus group membership not updating

07-Aug-2019 10:06

You can use the old version of to initially point Automatic Updates to the WSUS server in order to self-update.

After the Automatic Update self-updates, the new file appears in the %windir%\Inf folder.

TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Security maintains a relatively extensive list of GPOs that you can use on your OUs in order to simplify the process of using the TECHNOLOGY SERVICES WSUS server.

To link one of these policies and install the products on the machines in an OU that you control: The current GPOs provided by CITES Security are (in both the UIUC and UOFI domains): DEPT_Use CITESWSUSServer_3AMUpdate_Security DEPT_Use CITESWSUSServer_9AMUpdate_Security DEPT_Use CITESWSUSServer_5PMUpdate_Security DEPT_Set WSUSGroup-Upgrades_Security DEPT_Set WSUSGroup-All Service Packs_Security DEPT_Set WSUSGroup-All Updates_Security DEPT_Set WSUSGroup-App Service Packs_Security DEPT_Set WSUSGroup-Baseline_Security DEPT_Set WSUSGroup-OSService Packs_Security The following update groups are configured on the CITES WSUS server.

Microsoft does not recommend editing the Default Domain or Default Domain Controller GPOs to add WSUS settings.Administrative templates files are stored by default in the %windir%\Inf directory.