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She began her career as a member of the British band all STARS* before transitioning into acting, appearing in Big Brother 8 in the UK, where she played the part of fake Australian housemate Pauline.She has also appeared in Balls of Steel and Star Stories, as well as the TV series Blandings.Wimbledon Studios Wimbledon Film & Television Studios is an English film and television production company and facilities provider, located in Colliers Wood, between Mitcham and Wimbledon in south London.This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by authors (here).

He has also co-starred in the Adult Swim comedy-action series NTSF: SD: SUV::.BBC Three had a unique 60 Seconds format for its news bulletins, adopted so that operation of the channel could be completely automated, without the complication of dealing with variable-length live news broadcasts.The former controller of the station, Zai Bennett, left to join Sky Atlantic in July 2014, at which point BBC Three commissioner Sam Bickley became acting controller.Until February 2016, the network broadcast on Freeview, digital cable, IPTV and Satellite television platforms, and was on-air from 7 pm to around 4 am each night to share terrestrial television bandwidth with CBBC.

In March 2014, as a result of a planned £100 million budget cut across the BBC, it was proposed that BBC Three be discontinued as an 'open' television service, and be converted to an over-the-top Internet television service with a smaller programming budget and a focus on short-form productions.

BBC Three BBC Three was a British television channel operated by the British Broadcasting Corporation.