Women dating smaller men Hot girls for sex chat id

01-Jul-2019 21:36

I love when my man comes to me with a cork that he can't get out of the wine bottle, when he can't lift anything heavy. 7 and only 132 pounds, I love him and take care of him. I have been with men who were much bigger and stronger--and all were very abusive. He is a little on the quiet side but very reflective.He has never lost his temper or said unkind things.I liked to dominate physically from the start, no abuse only showed the guy that I was stronger. I liked to show bigger guys how strong I was as well but they could never take a loss as well as the smaller ones.

My girlfriends could never undstand why I always picked the smaller guys.I have to be the physically dominant person in any relationship. It is a complete role reversal I know, but he is cutest little thing.We have been married for 10 years now.:)Megan I am Greek-American, now living in Greece.Many men - myself include - secretly yearn for the 'feel' of a stronger woman.

To be beaten at armwrestling or lifted and carried by a strong lady is an exciting turn-on, but no-one wants to be bullied by someone stronger than they are.Question: I have always been attracted to smaller weaker men. It might be because they have to use intelligence and persnality to compensate for what is lacking. If you are a female who prefers smaller men what are the reasons? Finally, just knowing I can kick his butt if I wanted to does give me a rush :) Sharon Missy and Sharon, you are both very important trail-blazers in what is possibly one of the most vital developments in history.

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I’ve never heard of someone abstaining from sex until they make enough money to date a model.… continue reading »

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