Windows 7 trusted root certification authorities not updating

04-Mar-2019 10:28

Bottom line is though that a wast majority of the 343 certificates is not displayed through this means either.

End of update 1 Anyway, looking at the 343 root CA certificates trusted by Microsoft, it seems that most of them would not even be applicable for me here in USA.

For local purposes, we usually do not need the real certificate we are using on our production site.

A self-signed certificate should do the job as well.

If you use a certification authority (CA) to issue smart card login or domain controller certificates, you must add the root certificate to the Trusted Root Certification Authorities group policy in Active Directory.

You do not need to perform this procedure if the Windows domain controller acts as the root CA.

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Visit Stack Exchange but all those in the Certificate Trust List maintained by Windows on the local machine.

There are times where you need to enable HTTPS during local development.