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I waited to hear what the premise was going to be and then I was told that I was being pulled out of jail to help Jack.

SC: [Laughs] I thought he was a great, funny, genuine guy. As I got to know him he'd talk about movies he's been in and I'd say "Oh, I saw that.

It was never clear, at the start, whether her role was going to last for the entire series.

DR: Why do you think the first season was so popular?

The fact that 24 was conducted in real time, I think, also captured the viewers imagination. When they did eventually tell me I was thrilled, because it gave me a secret to play and I think that is a wonderful tool as an actor to have something that the audience are not aware of and is something that is slowly revealed - to have a slow understanding of what is happening.

I'd been such a trusted confident of Jack's and I'd played it that way and then I realised how brilliant that was of the writers. SC: Yes, but when I hear that Nina would be coming back I was very curious to see what they were going to do with the character after I was jailed [laughs].

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Sarah has recently lectured on retracting admissions of liability and important updates in respect of the CPR (including costs budgeting and the interplay between the new rules on proportionality and additional liabilities).