Who is saffron burrows dating

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Her roles in the films The Bank Job, Deep Blue Sea and Troy earned her fame. During the launch of David Bailey's new book launch she was overheard when she talked a bit about her political aspirations in which she stated that"Iam not sure about standing for election. Saffron Burrows is openly bisexual and prefers the company of woman.

Apart from these, she was involved in the films like Lovelife, Miss Julie, Time code, Gangster No.1, Engima, Tempted, Frida, Hotel, Flashpoint, Hideous, Peter Pan, Shrink Quitters etc. She married her longtime girlfriend Alison Bailan in August 2013.

She played opposite Kevin Spacey in Jonas Pate's Shrink. Burrows performed in Spanish in The Galindez File, a film written by Spanish novelist Vazquez Montalban about a woman seeking the truth about the "disappearance" of a critic of the Dominican dictator Trujillo.