Who is patrick fugit dating

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But he can’t get far without the help of his reluctant sidekick, Kyle Barnes — a man grappling with his own turmoil after seeing demonic possession take its toll on those he loves.Kirkman recently told Vulture that casting actor Patrick Fugit as Kyle came after an exhaustive search, but that he was sold when he saw “there was an optimism that he brought to the role and such a sensibility and warmness that made you invested in him almost immediately.” Vulture spoke to Fugit about why he went after the part and growing up surrounded by religion. Laray Mayfield did our casting for the first episode.She’s a brilliant casting director and very supportive of me.I’ve always appreciated her bringing me in for different stuff.

Although born in Spokane, Echikunwoke grew up in Chinle, Arizona on a Navajo Indian Reservation.

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