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29-Apr-2019 10:00

The two of them discuss how to create healthy habits & actually stick to them, what makes sex similar to exercise (the more we do it, the more we want it), and ways that working out with a partner can be motivational as well as enjoyable.Thank you for supporting our sponsors who help keep the show FREE: We-Vibe, Magic Wand, SXM, Promescent Follow Emily on all social: @sexwithemily For more on Jen Cohen, click HERE. She breaks down all the boundaries, aftercare, & outcomes that must be discussed with your partner before adding a third, other ways to have sex when penetration is temporarily off the table, and what to do when your are constantly on the road looking for love but have no faith in dating apps."Living your dream and hopefully one day, he or she will be able to change the world."The couple's baby news comes just a month after they celebrated their one-year anniversary of when Yo first popped the question.

All these you need to spend for without insurance you have chemistry with your date to pursue a real relationship.

The term "half-breeds" is pretty derogatory/disrespectful. That said, there is a big issue with the colorism that Hollywood is pushing in our community. Then for most of us who became woke in their 20's, you learn about the colonial dynamics of WMAF.

Consistently whitewashing Asians by replacing them with hapas or even full whites and pretending the audience is too stupid to notice. You’re entitled to your opinion I just feel compelled to say we as a collective have and will contribute to,the recognition of the Asian community. But still at least for me, because of that early education hold out the hope that genuine interracial relationships can exist in this world.

On today's show, Emily is joined by comedian Michael Yo & they're talking about the difference between dating life & married life ? Thank you for supporting our sponsors who help keep the show FREE: In Control Intensity, Muse, Third Love, Sirius XM, Womanizer.

She gives advice on what to do when your partner brushes you off during a threesome, how to interpret the phrase "I don't like labels" in the dating world, & the next steps to take when a hookup you've wanted for years didn't quite meet up to your sexpectations.The parts that make you stand out the most is what defines you, whether its the "perfection of white faces" or "ugliness of POC features." But at the same time, even if you adhered to the former, the other half of your ancestry will basically expunge whatever privileges you thought you would have.