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14-Jun-2019 22:17

Rattlestick’s 3C The current production of Rising Phoenix Repertory and Rattlestick Playwrights Theater of David Adjmi 3C is such a mess!

This is definitely a better TV episode but as a play it doesn’t have …R267 dude, dong is mostly used to refer someone with a big dick. I would LMAO if someone with a small cock said he has a dong or he would put his dong inside any cavity.

3CRattlestick Theater ©JOAN MARCUS 3C Rattlestick Theater Cast List: Kate Buddeke Anna Chlumsky Bill Buell Hannah Cabell Eddie Cahill Jake Silbermann Production Credits: Directed by Jackson Gay Scenic design by John Mc Dermott Costume design by Oana Botez Ban Lighti...3C was a turd, but it was worth it for Jake's awesome, swinging dick.

"The Assembled Parties" closed last summer, so no more opportunity to see Jake in it, and anyway, his piece did not make an appearance in that piece.

You mean Silbermann posted the video himself on his FB page? That's quite a distinctive pair of silver bracelets the guy wanking is wearing.

I looked at Silbermann's stock images at Getty and he isn't wearing silver bracelets in any that I saw. There's no denying that the chin, lips and schnozzle look a lot like him but still it's impossible to say if it's him.

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I'm aware that penis size and amount of semen ejaculated are not intertwined, but I nevertheless firmly believe that when Jake reaches orgasm, that thing must spew cum all over the place like a fucking fountain!

R127 its like a very special limited live event that won't ever be rebroadcast and you just had to be there to see it and if you weren't there then you missed out and are probably out of luck on ever getting the chance seeing it. He seemed so traumatized at how ATWT treated him that I wonder if he has unresolved issues with gay men.

Long Dong Silbermann is not someone who should have disappeared. Come to the gays Jake, come home R152 open it on another browser like Opera.

There wasn't some doctor or cop show he could have been on? He looks more like Milo and Mandy than Justin Hartley does. Or just head to Xvideo and sear Jake Silbermann So why does the video say private show?

I still remember how hurt he was when he was given the shaft at ATWT, and how easily Van Hansis dropped him. was his phone hacked or has he resorted to turning camming and escorting ???? It was in other forum that said it was posted in his facebook page.

I'm sure it's better quality and up-close than those terrible bootlegs.

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