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“It’s a really cool experience, and I’m really excited for her to grow and hopefully have a Daddy’s girl,” the Supernatural star gushed to People in 2017.

Jared Padalecki was born on 19 July 1982, in San Antonio, Texas, United States. His father is a tax accountant while his mother is an English teacher at East Central High School. Since the age of 12 years, he commenced training in acting.

His nationality is American and ethnicity is mixed(Polish, English, German, Scottish, French). He has 2 siblings; older brother Jeff Padalecki and younger sister Megan Padalecki.

In December 2008 it came to the public's attention that he was dating Genevieve Cortese his co-star in Season 4 of the CW's Supernatural.

As of this posting (10/01/09) they are still dating.

However, Padalecki admits that he feels more “nervous and vulnerable” having a daughter, in a way that he didn’t feel with his two older sons, Shepherd and Thomas.“With boys, you’re like, ‘Go skin your knees and go break your arms like I did.’ But with a girl, you’re like, ‘If somebody ever touches her, I’ll go off the handle! Happy birthday to the most amazing wife and mother and person I’ve ever met.