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10-May-2019 16:35

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I don’t think it’s massively changed, to be honest.Every year there’s like three great things for women: There’s Jennifer Lawrence in “Hunger Games” or there’s “Girls Trip” or there’s “Shape of Water” with an amazing female protagonist.But most movies have male protagonists and [involve] mainly men.Do you think it’s a matter of not believing women’s stories will sell or something else? I think sometimes people are so used to sexism that they don’t even notice it’s there.

Also, I was frustrated because for about eight years I worked on developing projects for women in Hollywood. Like maybe dynamics in our family that didn’t feel that good, we re-create them with our relationships.

I put so much time and work into it and [yet] I didn’t get them made. I think it does get better because you get a bit more wisdom, but it’s sort of the luck of the draw.

But I did want to explore in my movie why we make these bad decisions and choose these people where there’s obvious red flags. What was it like growing up in a religious household? ” How did you overcome that kind of shame to have a healthy sex life?

They met while working on "Lost in Space."2000 - 2001Heather Graham dated Heath Ledger.

The two met in Prague, while they were filming different movies.

Have you had many instances of sexual impropriety over the course of your career? [But] that being said, there’s a lot of nice people too; it’s not like everyone’s a jerk. What’s your response to the Time’s Up and #Me Too movements?