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26-Jul-2019 15:11

In 2007, news surfaced that Barron Hilton, Paris’ grandfather, was donating million of the Hilton fortune to charity, which would not leave much for the rest of the Hilton family.

Paris Hilton and the other Hilton grandkids were expected to receive million each but were only able to pocket million.

Barron Hilton II net worth: Barron Hilton II is an American socialite who has a net worth of million dollars.

Barron Hilton II is part of the famous Hilton clan, the heirs to the Hilton Hotel fortune. He has not embarked on a modeling career or a reality television career like his sisters.

She is a descendent of George Mason, author of the Virginia Declaration of Rights - 1776.

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As of today, Hilton is one of the richest heiresses known to date and a force to definitely be reckoned with!