What is an invalidating environment

15-Aug-2019 05:19

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Sara Schmidt to learn all about the role that emotion regulation plays in DBT.In Part 1 of this interview, Sara took a deep dive into the idea of emotion regulation and what it means to experience emotion dysregulation, as well as a framework therapists can use to help their clients assess their emotions.The third characteristic is oversimplifying the ease of solving problems; “If you just try harder, I’m sure you can figure out how to pass your math test.” Many of our clients have grown up in a household where there was abuse or neglect.

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We teach four primary sets of skills in DBT: mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness.

But sometimes you have an “ordinary” family but there are so many other stressors (financial, medical) that they can’t deal with a child’s emotional needs.

Or, there is a temperament mismatch; think, more stoic, non-emotionally expressive parents who are raising a child with a biological vulnerability to emotion.

Second, an invalidating environment intermittently reinforces escalated behavior.

For example, a child who cries or says, “I feel sad,” doesn’t elicit a response from his parents, but sometimes when he says, “I want to kill myself,” the parents become hugely concerned, and provide care and support.First, it rejects communication of internal – or private – experiences.

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