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To become a copywriter, write sample ads for products, called spec ads, and contact Creative Directors at the ad agencies and ask them for the permission to submit your spec ads as a writing sample for future employment.they show ads on tv and on the radio about what smoking can do to you.Although many modern hardware devices like DVD and CD players support the MP3 format (along with WMA, AAC, and others), some hardware equipment only supports the playback of uncompressed audio CDs.Building your own MP3 CD is as easy as burning the MP3 files to a disc, which you can do with a variety of software programs.Music stored in the MP3 format is encoded in a compressed format and takes up a lot less storage space than non-compressed files.

even though they add audio files in different formats to the disc.

There's no guarantee that CD and DVD consumer electronic devices, such as some CD players, can play all the audio formats stored on your custom disc.

Minimize this problem by making the MP3 CD with only MP3 and other well-supported formats, like WAV and AAC.

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