What age should we allow dating orthodox christian

30-May-2019 01:17

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The fact that only 5.57 percent of teens in the survey thought pre-marital sex was right is remarkable given the pervasive exploitation of young males and females in the media as sex objects and the constant portrayal of sex outside of marriage as normal and an everyday event without consequences.

We need to better equip teens to make good choices concerning sex and to be able to see through the multitude of sexual messages they receive on a daily basis.

Teens ought to see sex as something very sacred and good and therefore an act not lightly undertaken.

It is not surprising that one out of every four teens are unsure if it is right or wrong to have sexual relations prior to marriage, given how much teens are inundated with sexual messages and images in their daily life, starting from the pre-teen years.

According to the survey, teens who did not have an adult present in the home when they arrived home from school were more than twice as likely to have had a sexual relationship than their peers who had an adult present when they arrived home from school.

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People who have broken off relationships tend to be more protective of their feelings and emotions with the next relationship.The Scriptures abound with prohibitions against pre-marital sexual relations, not because as some would say, “God does not want us to have fun,” but because God loves us, understands us, and knows that such relationships can only bring harm, sadness and brokenness.

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