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28-May-2019 18:55

I had to turn the weather feature in lock screen to OFF and then it works again and found my location immediately. phenry's answer mentioned that you couldn't run the weather and pedometer at the same time. I found out that I could run both if I deleted the clock from the clock screen. FYI I've run weather and pedometer health apps same time for years. I've a gs3, gs4, gs5, updated to android 5 and 6 versions noticed that only clock showed no weather information Iin weather widget.

You can turn the lock screen display features like the Camera shortcut, Weather and Pedometer on or off by going to the following directory. Infact no weather, no colour photo ot animation, just a clock left side.

Not some cloned look alike app that requires a 3rd party widget editing and downloading app. Only want the true original APK made for galaxy S phones by Samsung and accuweather.

I've got the Gs7 phones, a how to pull from there to gs5 would be appreciated.

I would greatly appreciate your help :) Main cs: Here is the quick answer just to get you going.

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I'm using windows 8.1 and the weather app live tile is not working.the app works fine if I click it, but the tile doesn't show live updates, its just the logo, Live tile is turned on btw.