Vulkano epg not updating

03-Aug-2019 21:42

CONNECT VULKANO TO YOUR TV Connect either the Component or HDMI output cables from the back of the Vulkano to the video inputs on your TV. Connect your Vulkano to your STB as shown in the Component or Composite diagram. Press OK | Numbers OK 7 | | | | | | | | | | OK User Guide WIRELESS NETWORK NAME Using the Arrow buttons on your Vulkano remote: 1. Press OK Use the Arrow and OK buttons on your Vulkano remote to select characters from the on-screen keyboard: 1.  Press OK VULKANO NAME You will need to give your Vulkano a name and password. Press OK Note: The Vulkano name and password are case sensitive.This name and password will allow you access to your Vulkano from your PC or mobile device. Press OK 8 User Guide VULKANO PASSWORD Use the Arrow and OK buttons on your Vulkano remote to select characters from the on-screen keyboard: 1. If you enter a name that has already been assigned to someone else, you will be asked to choose another name. If Using Wi Fi – You do not have to do anything, we’ll take care of it for you  If Using Ethernet – Connect your Vulkano to your router as shown SOFTWARE SETUP OPTIONS       Turn on your television Use your television remote control to select the HDMI or Component input from the television setup or settings menu.This connection should be consistent with the cable connection from Vulkano to the television input (ie: HDMI or Component to your television) Plug the Vulkano power adapter into a wall plug Wait for the green light to appear on the Vulkano, and then for an image to appear on your television screen (this can take 45 seconds) Using the Vulkano remote control, follow the on-screen instructions If you encounter a problem using the TV Setup or choose to use a PC to setup your Vulkano, please go to download the PC Player/Setup Wizard. 4 User Guide STORAGE OPTIONS Your Vulkano comes with either an SD memory card or an external hard disk drive, depending on the model.

| Numbers OK 13 | | | | | | | | | | OK User Guide VULKANO CONFIGURED SUCCESSFULLY Congratulations!  Press OK to go to the Menu screen DOWNLOAD THE CLIENTS Mobile Players Vulkano Mobile Players for various smartphones are available on Monsoon Multimedia’s website: from the Apple App Store.

PC and Mac Players A Vulkano PC Player is available for download at: