Virtual world of dating

31-May-2019 05:39

In fact that will become part of the dating strategy in the near future; creating the perfect virtual world will become as important as eye contact and positive body language.

Virtual Reality will change everything from social media to a trip to the movies.

Facebook has launched a show called Virtually Dating, a version of a blind date using VR technology.

It's a strange mix, because the people are physically in the same space but can only see each other and interact in VR.

Online dating, once seen as the preserve of the reclusive, is now a billion a year industry.

Tinder’s rise to fame in 2014 threw the final shackles off the online dating world, and the popularity of sites like and e Harmony’s TV is testimony to the online dating boom.

Then, for those who are struggling with dating altogether, another app for HTC Vive offers immersive dating lessons.

In the virtual world you could sip champagne on top of the Eiffel Tower while one of you sits in LA and the other in Baltimore.

It will allow imagination to rule the roost; the choice of settings for your virtual date will be limited only by your imagination.

It will have a profound effect on the online dating world, too, and could change the way we find true love in just a few short years.

Why not power your personal dating profile with a virtual private server from VPS. In the days before the internet, these isolated souls might have had more difficulty finding likeminded partners.

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