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14-Mar-2019 01:41

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Expanding dialogue and challenging us-vs.-them prejudices could be valuable.

This piece contains some observations on what looks to be potentially a coming machine revolution in Earth's history.

In the face of epistemic disagreements with other very smart observers, it makes sense to grant some credence to a variety of viewpoints.

Each person brings unique contributions to the discussion by virtue of his or her particular background, experience, and intuitions.

When viewed up close, these algorithms could look as "dumb" as the kinds of algorithms in narrow AI that I had previously dismissed as "not really intelligence." Of course, animal brains combine these seemingly dumb subcomponents in dazzlingly complex and robust ways, but I could now see that the difference between narrow AI and brains was a matter of degree rather than kind.

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But I lacked further insight into what the black box of brains might contain.

Like with most ideas, there's a lot of fantasy and exaggeration associated with "the singularity," but at least the core idea that technology will progress at an accelerating rate for some time to come, absent major setbacks, is not particularly controversial.

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