Vindolanda and the dating of roman footwear

02-Jun-2019 11:57

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In about 1715 an excise officer named John Warburton found an altar there, which he removed.In 1814 the first real archaeological work was begun, by the Rev. Hedley died in 1835, before writing up his discoveries.

The first post-Roman record of the ruins at Vindolanda was made by the antiquarian William Camden, in his Britannia (1586).Most are not connected to the existing drainage system.The one that does was perhaps a butchery where, for health reasons, an efficient drain would have been important.The garrison consisted of infantry or cavalry auxilia, not components of Roman legions.

From the early third century onwards, this was the Cohors IV Gallorum equitata also known as the Fourth Cohort of Gauls.The excavations have been continued by his sons, Robin and Anthony, and his grandson, Andrew Birley, into the present day.

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