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06-Jul-2019 20:55

This means that you should always check for a defined status explicitly. The value to test is always the first (and often only) argument.

There are a number of other URI validation modules out there as well (see below.) This one focuses on being fast, lightweight, and relatively 'real-world'. it's good if you want to check user input, and don't need to parse out the URI/URL into chunks.

sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&docid=n Iv5rk2Gy P3h XM&tbnid=isi Ok Me3n Ctex M:&ved=0CAUQj Rw&url= ZXU_2f GKb Ms QTf4YLg AQ&bvm=bv.65177938,d.a Wc&psig=AFQj CNEp Bf Knal9k U7Zu4n7Rn Et2ner N4g&ust=1398298682009707', true]); tests.push(['', true]); tests.push(['https://w', false]); tests.push(['aaa', false]); tests.push(['aaaa', false]); tests.push(['', true]); tests.push(['dfdsfdsfdfdsfsdfs', false]); tests.push(['uk', true]); tests.push(['test-domain.

MUSEUM', true]); tests.push(['tr', false]); tests.push(['', false]); tests.push(['', true]); tests.push(['https://sdfasdp.pppppppp', false]); tests.push(['https://sdfasdp.ppppppppppppppppppp', false]); tests.push(['https://sdfasd', false]); tests.push(['https://sub1.1234.sub3.sub4.sub5uk/?

To validate such an URL with a regular expression the protocol part could be optional, e.g.: As has been noted the perfect regex is elusive but still seems to be a reasonable approach (alternatives are server side tests or the new experimental URL API).

However the high ranking answers are often returning false for common URLs but even worse will freeze your app/page for minutes on even as simple a string as .

So, it's not a matter of validating url sintax, but checking if it's a valid url, by actually calling it.

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is bound to is not a valid url, then the value of those auxiliary properties will be the empty string.I think it's due to the repeated case insensitive sets in code like .Take out the 'i' and it doesn't hang but will of course not work as desired.It has a bigger test list of valid and invalid URLs.

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The simple one above still passes all the positives and only fails to block a few odd negatives like is Url(""); // true is Url(" // true is Url(" // true is Url("//"); // true is Url(""); // false is Url(" // true is Url(" // true is Url("https://sdfasd"); // false function is Valid URL(input) let tests = []; tests.push(['', false]); tests.push([' true]); tests.push(['https://sdfasd', false]); tests.push(['Checks asynchronously whether an image URL is valid or not.

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