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User-defined SPIN functions were used to make those complex queries maintainable.Note: This story was not about constraints, but described a solution to the "different shapes in different contexts" scenario.The DCAT namespace has similar examples, where only IRI nodes are permitted: dcat:landing Page, dcat:access URL and dcat:download URL.The declared ranges are foaf: Document or rdfs: Resource.The same story can be repeated for other tools that need particular information specified for the tool to work correctly.This is probably the simplest user story, both in terms of setup and requirements.The shapes are "closed" in that the system rejects documents with any triples for which it has no storage.The shapes validation process (initiated by the receiving system or a sender checking) rejects any document with "extraneous" triples.

the same node may include properties for a Submitting User and for an Assigned Employee.

The foaf: Document case is interesting, shows that people might want to specify both the value’s class (foaf: Document) and node type (URI only).

SPARQL includes the built-ins is IRI, is Blank, is Literal for those checks.

Often the intention is to state that a given property shall only have IRIs but not Blank Nodes.

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Two examples from the VOID namespace, void:data Dump and void:example Resource declare an rdfs:range of rdfs: Resource, but the intention is to only support IRI resources.Later the issue gets resolved and is available at Created by: Holger Knublauch EPIM Project - petroleum operators on the Norwegian continental shell need to produce environment reports of what chemicals were dumped into the sea and gases to the air.