Updating website with dreamweaver doubleyoudating com

06-Jun-2019 16:14

First off, Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor—it's often times simply referred to as an HTML editor.The idea being that you work in a visual design interface, while Dreamweaver writes all of the code for you in the background.The font tag is best replaced with standard HTML tags and CSS.For example, you could use heading tags and then create a CSS tag style to change the font, color, and size.3 USE DIV TAGS AND CSS IN PLACE OF TABLES Think of HTML div tags as the building blocks of good CSS layouts.

In fact, I've put together an in-depth video that digs deep into the differences between Word Press and Dreamweaver to help you pick the right tool to use.

Note that div tags are all but invisible unless you create borders.

Turn on CSS Visual Aids to better see what you’re doing.4 CREATE DIV TAGS FOR CONTENT To re-create a design with CSS instead of tables, start by creating a series of div tags.

If the site was built with tables, it’s likely to have other old tags that are no longer recommended, such as the font tag shown here.

To ensure your pages meet contemporary Web standards, get rid of font tags (and other deprecated code) while you’re at it.

Clearing your browser’s cache or refreshing the page should resolve this problem.