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10-Apr-2019 18:18

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Up to October 20, 2012, there have been 8 mature ontologies and 107 candidate ontologies included in the OBO Foundry, covering 25 domains, including anatomy, health, phenotype, environment, and many others [5].

Many applications using domain ontologies need to quantify the relationship between two terms [11, 12].

Since each category of methods has its own traits, it is indispensable to know which method is suitable for the application of interest.

Motivated by this consideration, we summarize characteristics of each category of methods in this paper, provide a brief review of available software implementation of these methods, and introduce typical biological and biomedical applications that rely on ontologies.

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More specifically, we classify these approaches into five categories: (1) methods based on semantic distance between terms, (2) methods based on information contents of terms, (3) methods based on features of terms, (4) methods based on the hierarchical structure of an ontology, and (5) hybrid methods.

Fortunately, an ontology provides us with such a standard means of organizing information [5].