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05-Sep-2019 03:28

Next comes the 20 byte sha1 hash of the bencoded form of the info value from the metainfo file.

(This is the same value which is announced as to the tracker, only here it's raw instead of quoted here).

The peer protocol refers to pieces of the file by index as described in the metainfo file, starting at zero.

When a peer finishes downloading a piece and checks that the hash matches, it announces that it has that piece to all of its peers.

maps to the number of bytes in each piece the file is split into.

For the purposes of transfer, files are split into fixed-size pieces which are all the same length except for possibly the last one which may be truncated. For the purposes of the other keys, the multi-file case is treated as only having a single file by concatenating the files in the order they appear in the files list.

More commonly is that trackers return a compact representation of the peer list, see BEP 23.

If you want to make any extensions to metainfo files or tracker queries, please coordinate with Bram Cohen to make sure that all extensions are done compatibly.

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In the single file case, the name key is the name of a file, in the muliple file case, it's the name of a directory.

The 20 byte sha1 hash of the bencoded form of the info value from the metainfo file.

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