Updating the prepost plane in monetdbxquery

27-Aug-2019 10:37

The ASCII nodout file can then be processed using the Page1 ASCII Interface.The distance between 2 nodes can be measured and time histories of displacements in global and local coordinate system can be plotted using the Page1 Measur Interface.All models or any combination of selected models can be viewed together, and each model can be individually translated for making side by side comparisons (models can of course be directly overlaid as well).

A: All buttons on the first 6 main pages can be re-configured, and this is done using Misc → Assign Menu Button. This preference can be saved in the .lspostrc file in the current working directory by clicking A: The lspost database is designed to meet these needs.

Please refer to commandfile documentation for more information.

A: Typically in metalforming applications, a dynain file containing thickness, stresses, and strains is output at the end of a stamping simulation.

Renumbering and/or offsetting can also be perfomed while using the Save Keyword Dialog. Typically LS-Pre Post is used in batch mode for extracting data from ASCII files.

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To run LS-Pre Post in batch mode, use LS-Pre Post c=commandfile -nographics, where "commandfile" is the file containing LS-Pre Post commands.Model can be clipped on either side of the section plane by Off/Clip-/Clip .