Updating suse kernel dating topic past and now

28-Mar-2019 20:18

To do automatic unattended updates, install yast2-online-update-configuration. If you had a network connection during installation you would have been offered to add the update repository at that time.

Then open Ya ST, select Software - In order to get official updates via YOU, the update server must be added. If you haven't done so you can do it later by starting Ya ST and selecting Online Update Configuration from the Software tab in Ya ST Control Center.

For the most part, the descriptions are fairly good and should help you decide if it is an update you need.

If it is a patch to existing software such as a kernel update you will see a swirl icon signifying an update. Should you get confused about what the symbols mean, click on Help - Symbols for an explanation.

dracut: dracut module 'btrfs' will not be installed, because command 'btrfs' could not be found!If you highlight a patch, you will see a description of the patch in the lower left box.