Updating my credit report

22-Aug-2019 15:45

Have you checked your credit report and found an error in it?Read our guide to learn how to dispute your credit report and prevent errors from damaging your credit score.

You might have been a victim of identity theft and not even known it.Other errors could be a missed bill payment that you managed to pay on time or even a credit card's activity being completely unrecorded, thus giving the impression that you have no financial history.Fraudulent activity and technical errors can also impact on your credit score, not just your personal finances.However, there are times when your credit report will display something that doesn't seem right, such as a missed bill payment that you paid on time or a technical error by the bank that made it look like you were going too far into your overdraft.

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There are unfortunately a range of errors that could crop up in your credit report.

After 3 months of back and forth with the bank, they finally issued the refinance and helped her to get her credit report fixed.