Updating keys for nod32

02-Aug-2019 15:23

In case if you forget your password then there is a new functions has been added which is Forgot my password, through this function you can reset your password again. Screen display has been changed from create account to Anti-theft sign in screen.

Now there is two factor authentication to give licensed security to user which is completely authenticated.

Or when you use any USB from outside, then there are also chances of that USB to have virus and most of the anti-malware or antiviruses can’t detect those viruses.

Viruses have became more mature and smart with the passage of time, they can enter in to your pc smartly without letting your antivirus notice.

It can give you protection against Worms, adware, spywares, hackers and many other types of viruses.

updating keys for nod32-5

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Best thing about this software is it won’t even affect your PC’s performance.

Your pc won’t hang anymore if you have this software installed in your Home PC.