Updating iphone software different computer

27-Apr-2019 10:40

Note: Reset Network Settings option deletes all your Wi-Fi passwords, network preferences, cellular settings, VPN and APN settings.You can note down your passwords and preferences to add later.

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Whenever you come across any i OS update error, try the above fixes and enjoy the benefits of your latest i OS.

Nevertheless, if you somehow lose your i Phone data, seek help of the reliable i Phone Data Recovery Software by Stellar.

The software works in below situations of i Phone data loss: Stellar Data Recovery for i Phone is a DIY software that is safe to download.

However, if the update process is interrupted due to power cut or an error fails to update i OS, you may lose your existing i Phone data.

It is best to secure your data in i Tunes or i Cloud as backup before updating your i Phone to the latest i OS version.The i Phone update success depends upon the speed of your Internet.