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06-Aug-2019 12:50

Some experts claim that periodic rebuilding of Oracle b-tree indexes greatly improves space usage and access speed, while other experts maintain that Oracle indexes should: rarely be rebuilt.Interestingly, Oracle reports that the new Oracle10g Automatic Maintenance Tasks (AMT) will automatically detect indexes that are in need of re-building."The DBAs were pulling out their hair until they noticed that the size of the indexes were too large for the amount of data in the tables, and remembered this old: myth?, and decided to try rebuilding the indexes on these tables.who rebuild indexes on a schedule because their end-users report faster response times.To date, none of the world's Oracle experts has determined a reliable rule for index rebuilding, and no expert has proven that index rebuilds "rarely" help.

Some experts suspect a Placebo Effect may be at work here, and the end-users, knowing that they have new index trees, report a performance gain when none exists.For now, the most any Oracle professional can do is to explore their indexes and learn how the software manages b-tree structures.

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