Updating computer clock via internet

24-May-2019 18:54

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Internet providers assign different IP addresses to your PC every time you access the Internet.

Such IP addresses are called 'dynamic' and they are a common phenomenon.

You can use any computer with Internet access (that has public IP address) as a software router.

First you must to set up the PAT (Port Address Translation) on this PC.

Why is the remote screen not displaying "Full colors"? How to download the Admin Module onto a Flash drive to access remote PC from anywhere? · The Host PC is located in the LAN and connects to the Internet via an intermediate router, but you are trying to connect to the Host PC via the Internet, outside the LAN, using an internal IP address.

How can I accelerate the performance of the software (remote PC's refresh rate)? How can I copy the Anyplace Control Address Book from one computer to another? Licensing What are the restrictions of trial version? What does the error message "You do not have enough Licenses to connect to this PC" mean? Please, read: How to control LAN computers behind the routers.

We recommend that you to use the "h2proxy" program for this. You may download this program directly from our site using the link below: your PC is protected by a Firewall, your Anyplace Control connection may be blocked.

How to determine the IP address of my Host computer?Select the Performance/Quality tab in the Settings dialog and in the "Colors" pop-up menu set the parameter to "High".Try to disable "Hardware acceleration" on the remote PC.However, you may send data to the external IP address of the router, which "knows" what to do with this data.

Fortunately, most of routers do have the "Port Forwarding" feature.If you are using the IP-address Connection mode you may have some connection problems.

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