Updating component registration

06-Sep-2019 00:41

I've looked up suggestions which haven't been any help. Real pain in the rear since the game has 6 product keys that I keep having to retype, hyphens included. Hopefully the install wizard can be unfrozen "easily" via reboot on the machine. Not sure if running the installer in compatibility mode or as administrator might help?

I've looked up suggestions which haven't been any help. Sorry, but I don't know if I can help more than Google.

I have traditionally had issues with installing it on a PC, despite having a PC disk.

However, I am attempting installation of it once more, and the installer hangs at "Updating Component Registration".

So to even log the "error with temp file" error, I have to friggin' disable and reenable windows installer and then restart. I do that by going into computerservices and the setting it to disable, and then restarting and setting it to manual. It's definitely "There was an error creating a temporary file that is needed to complete this installation." And I keep getting it while windows installer is doing the "updating component registration" part of installation.

Then it goes from the "another installation in progress" to the "error creating temp file" thing. Okay so I put all those in command prompt and in order I got C:\users\Matt\appdata\local\temp C:\users\Matt\appdata\local\temp C:\users\Matt What should I try from here? Hi Now that you know the installer is creating temporary files in... Is there enough space on the C: drive to create the temporary files needed? Delete what is in that C:\users\Matt\appdata\local\temp folder (Make sure you save any files you are working on and close all programs before deleting these).

with several programs, I am having a problem installing.

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This exact same thing happened to me on Windows 7 64bit. I am running Windows 8.1 on an HP PC with a Intel x64 processor. When I went to install the x64 it went through all the steps of removing files, checking for space, etc. When installation was complete it indicated it was Updating Component Registration and then froze. I don't know if this is a registry issue or some corrupted file or ?

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