Updating canadian citizenship card single parent dating introducing the children

17-Aug-2019 18:47

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If you submit proof that you need your certificate urgently, it is at the discretion of the officer reviewing your file whether to expedite the processing of your application to replace your citizenship card.

If your children are born outside Canada on or after April 17, 2009, they will be Canadian only if their other parent was born in Canada or became a Canadian citizen by immigrating as a permanent resident and subsequently being granted citizenship (also called "naturalization").

Older citizenship certificates are still accepted as proof of Canadian citizenship, as are citizenship cards.

The commemorative certificates presented at citizenship ceremonies are not considered valid proof of citizenship.

To use travel as proof that you need your replacement certificate urgently you must be able to show an acceptable reason for why you need to travel so urgently.

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This may include a funeral, a sick relative, a wedding, or another emergency.Information on applying for citizenship grants is available on the CIC website.

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