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08-Sep-2019 13:51

updating asus motherboard-58

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Once the system has restarted, choose Troubleshoot/Advanced options/UEFI Firmware Settings (restart) to enter the bios this way. Inside the bios use the arrow keys to go to the 'Advanced' menu at the top and choose the option for 'Start Easy Flash'. The ASUSTek Easy Flash Utility will start and you will see your drives on the left with cryptic names like 'FS0', 'FS1', etc., so browse through them to find the correct drive with the 'bios' folder and unzipped bios file you downloaded in step #1 above.

The right area will show the contents of the drive you selected on the left and you can use the arrow keys to switch between them. Once you found the unzipped bios file you want to use and selected it, the system will show the model/platform of the new bios as well as other details.

The BIOS helps the computer's central processing unit communicate with memory, hard drives and other installed devices and keeps track of basic data like the system time and boot settings.

If you don't understand a setting, ask for help, contact the manufacturer or another expert.Turn off and unplug the computer, open it up and remove the battery. Boot the computer and verify you can enter the is cleared.