Updating a record in mysql

30-Aug-2019 14:47

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We also make use of a new function The form shown above accepts the changes and calls the processing form birthdays_change_The user makes changes to the desired field or fields and clicks the Submit button to pass the information to the processing script.The PHP script change_isn't really much more than the first line of code we presented at the top of the page.In the syntax shown below we see that the UPDATE procedure requires the SET and WHERE definitions to pinpoint the changes.The statement below would require that all 4 fields of the specified row be passed to the processing script.We plan to use UID to link to more details about the associated user for this record in future articles. For now, this is the unique field we use to look up records. In fact, if we had forgotten to include the So there is a real benefit to be had by running in Safe Updates mode.

This helps guard against accidentally updating the wrong record/s.

In this example we knew that apples had an column has been updated too, even though we didn't specify an update for that column.

This is because, when we created the table, we set that column to be updated with the current date/time every time there was an update to the record.

A simple query form might look like the one shown below: This is a series of 3 scripts used to make changes to fields in the database.

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The first shows the code for a form similar to the one displayed above.

Here's a snippet: //gets all records of proj_id and places it inside an array $sql_id = "SELECT proj_id FROM status_tab"; $result_id = mysql_query($sql_id); $id_array = array(); //gets the records while($id = mysql_fetch_array($result_id)) { $id_array = $id['proj_id']; THE PROBLEM IS THE UPDATE PART, I pass this $id_array to another php page through form using: AND it's working fine when I print it this way: echo $_POST['proj']; Or do it this way: $fp = $_POST['proj']; echo $fp; BUT when I place it in a query: $ins = mysql_query(' UPDATE status_tab SET status="$name" where proj_id="($_POST[proj])"', $connection); OR $ins = mysql_query(' UPDATE status_tab SET status="$name" where proj_id="$fp"', $connection); The record DOES NOT UPDATE!