Udating video drivers with linux os

04-May-2019 02:12

Microsoft doesn’t write these drivers on its own — it gets them from the manufacturers and provides them to you after vetting them.

If hardware isn’t working on Windows, there’s usually a driver to make it work.

Unless you have an ancient device that only works with older versions of Windows, the manufacturer has done the work of making it work with Windows.

Hardware that doesn’t work is usually just a quick driver download away from working. Most of the drivers for hardware on your computer are open-source and integrated into Linux itself.

These drivers are sometimes developed by hobbyists.

But they’re sometimes developed by the hardware manufacturer themselves, who contributes their code directly to the Linux kernel and other projects.

Linux and other operating systems also need hardware drivers before hardware will work — but hardware drivers are handled differently on Linux.

The good news is that, if a device will work on Linux, it’ll probably “just work” out of the box.

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When you plug in a new device to your Windows computer and you see the “Installing Driver” bubble pop up, Windows might be downloading a manufacturer-provided driver from Microsoft and installing it on your PC.An example The Broadcom BCM4322 Wireless Controller in the old Apple Mac Book late 2008 is not recognized by default. 3) Choose Driver Manager under the Administration category and enter your password.