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10-Sep-2019 12:08

Gabbard, and ex-congressman John Delaney rolled out the Twitter version of their life stories and weaved focus group lines into rich topics like pay equality, the environment, and their universal agreed- upon need for universal health care.Ryan’s ripping of Trump aside, ex-San Antonio Mayor Castro took the best lunge for a breakout in the first hour on immigration.For one thing, with the MAGA POTUS watching and tweeting from Air Force One, the gloves barely came off on Wednesday against the man most Democrats want to see impeached and thrown behind bars.In fact, long after Holt proclaimed on NBC, MSNBC and Telemundo that “Tonight we are going to take on many of the most pressing issues of the moment, including immigration, the situation unfolding at border, the treatment of migrant children,” it took until nearly 50 minutes into the two-hour debate for the first real swipe at Trump.

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“What kind of a country are we running here when we have a President of the United States who is so focused on hate and fear and division,” the thwarted one-time Nancy Pelosi challenger said.Going back on an earlier promise not to engage with the debate, with a tweet slapping NBC’s technical difficulties halfway through the primetime broadcast, a G-20 bound Trump took a more Alfred E.Neuman stance and wrapped himself in the traditional flag of incumbency: In an effort to punch upwards, candidates like Hillary Clinton VP shortlister Castro, Rep.It was a tactic to which the poll-climbing ex-law school professor sharply stuck for the night.

It’s clear who MSNBC wants to be president: Elizabeth Warren.

They’re giving her more time than all the other candidates combined. -V (Tulsi’s sister) — Tulsi Gabbard (@Tulsi Gabbard) June 27, 2019 On the other hand, since Warren’s fellow senator, Minnesota’s Amy Klobuchar, was the first to call out Trump in the first few minutes, and New Jersey’s Cory Booker got the most airtime with almost 11 minutes, it became clear that the depth of tonight’s gathering was going to be on the soundbite level of on mute – and about as captivating as television.