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05-Apr-2019 12:45

Like it or not, this is a democracy - that means that sometimes the majority disgrees with you, and won't give you what you want. Why not move to The People's Republic Of China, and try to pick and choose which laws you will obey there?Sadly I am afraid Batman and Robin are sad inditements of 1) our levels of security - despite the so called escalation which most of us in the airline industry have realised is for show only 2) look at the case of the fathers and they have a very good point!:) This is 2004 and we're more bothered about a fluffy countryside pest than the livelyhoods of our countryside citizens, our dwindling and clandestine national heritage and more importantly the safety of downtrodden victims of misdirected inverted snobbery who were making their point via the last available route open to them. We have never been closer to tyranny since WW2 and the scenes over the last few days in London have hopefully shamed our government into realising just how hated they are.

What is somewhat galling is that the fluffy "save the poor fox" brigade don't seem to realise that when the fox was hunted and killed by the hounds, the fox generally got away if it was fit and healthy.hopefully they'll have more than just a coupla old farts with swords guarding the chamber in future? The protesters outside shoulda blacked up and carried foxes under their arms...... :p Nice to know a male policeman can still look a young law-abiding woman in her eyes (as just shown on C4 news) whilst she has her hands raised in the air and smack her straight in the doughie with his nightstick without a second thought.If only they were allowed to do that with the mindless filth (and not talking about the cozzers now) that walk our streets then this country might manage to claw it's way back up to where it once stood in the international community. Would the people rioting today include many who used to applaud the police showing no mercy to miners who were protesting to save their jobs? I think there's probably more important things to worry about than banning the chasing of foxes....

I wouldn't do it myself, but it seems that they are a real pest to farmers and need to be controlled.

Now that they can get away (certainly in Scotland right now despite last year's law change) with continuing to hunt as long as the hounds don't get the fox - so the fox is shot when it breaks cover - the fox doesn't have to be old or infirm to die and it also doesn't necessarily have to die quickly.

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