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29-May-2019 23:25

When an online dating site like Christian Mingle is regarded as one of the “top sites” in the world, we get excited, but we also pump the brakes.

On that same token, the site could have garnered all that hoorah and excitement by being one of the best sites in the world.Thankfully, our integrity and our service to you are more important to us than the almighty dollar.If you’d like to know more about our review process,, we’ve put together a full breakdown of how we review online dating sites.We changed around parameters of age, religious preferences, gender, and more to see what all popped up. Every search we did produced an impressive list of singles looking to mingles.

Yes, it should say mingle without the S, but we wanted it to rhyme.Now that we’ve finished all the paperwork let’s get down to our Christian Mingle review!