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Whatever the case, both it and BCE (Before the Common Era) definitely appeared in Rabbi Morris Jacob Raphall’s The use of BCE and CE was particularly popular in the Jewish community where they were keen to avoid using any nomenclature explicitly referring to Christ as “the lord.” Today, BCE and CE instead of BC and AD has become fairly common among other groups for similar reasons.In one respect, there really is no difference between an AD/BC and BCE/CE system when it comes to historical dates.Converting historical dates to the standard Gregorian calendar would not have been easy.Using the birth of Jesus Christ as a central point made more sense to the religious historians.(In the mid-seventeenth century the English “vulgar” took on a new definition of “coarse,” but it wouldn’t be until this “coarse/unrefined” definition would become more common in the 20th century that referring to the Vulgar Era would cease.)(1715).

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This was in part a response to advice Diocletian received at the oracle of Apollo at Didyma.

In any event, Easter was/is the most important holy day of the Christian tradition, and it was decided at the First Council of Nicaea (AD 325) that it should occur each year on the Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox.