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Instead, he will attack and destroy the Japanese cruiser.

He estimates that since they are on a Japanese boat, flying a Japanese flag, they can move in and torpedo the cruiser twice and send it to the bottom.

However, Mc Hale manages to capture a Japanese PT boat patrolling the island.

Surprising the men and Durham, Mc Hale does not plan to use the boat to evacuate his men or the Marine battalion.

When they get word that a Marine battalion is pinned on a beach, and an enemy cruiser is planning to attack the beachhead in the morning, Mc Hale's attitude changes.

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The series was filmed in black and white and originated from an hour drama entitled Seven Against the Sea, broadcast on April 3, 1962.It is clear that while Mc Hale is as loyal as any American, following the devastation the Japanese rendered on the island attack, he is reluctant to risk losing more men.His concern now is for their survival until they can be rescued, which creates friction between Durham and Mc Hale.The first few episodes merely indicate it is "somewhere in the South Pacific 1943".

While in the South Pacific, Mc Hale's crew lives on "Mc Hale's Island", which is described as across the bay from Taratupa.Lieutenant Commander Quinton Mc Hale (Ernest Borgnine) — A principal character of the series, he is also a former captain of a tramp steamer who is familiar with the South Pacific and is especially knowledgeable about the islands and natives around Taratupa, which often helps him in combat situations and makes him a favorite with the admirals (Borgnine actually served in the U. Also like his crew, Mc Hale likes to wear Hawaiian-style clothing when off duty and to use the PT-73 to go deep-sea fishing and water skiing (as Gruber says in the 1964 movie, "That's no officer, that's our skipper").