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Glassnote isn’t as big as the major labels, but it’s an international boutique label with clout.It’s currently six acts strong, but when GIVERS signed, it only had two others—Phoenix and Mumford and Sons.Photo courtesy of Givers “ This is the moment that you need to be in.” ---Tiffany Lamson Givers is a band that consists of five friends from Lafayette, Louisiana---the art that...I’m going for the drugged-out look because we’re a pop band.” Tiffany Lamson is leaning against a door frame in Dockside Studio’s control room looking wan and disaffected as she and the rest of GIVERS pose for photos. Rebecca Nicholson of , “It’s so relentlessly upbeat, cheerful and full of life that you start to wonder whether they’ve been created by evil pharmaceutical manufacturers to promote the idea that heavy sedative use is not such a bad thing at all.” Jon Young at wrote, “Giddy is the default mode on the breezy debut by this Lafayette, Louisiana quintet. The fact that the band’s songs are as pop as they are is a surprise to them.“The Givers’ bridges and choruses are often nothing more than the catchiest of harmonized shouts conjoining female and male vocalists Tif Lamson and Taylor Guarisco,” Liberty Kohn wrote for Pop

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That starts the band riffing on metaphors that explain the impact and adjustments that accompany signing to a label, cracking each other up.GIVERS are one of two area bands playing in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Big Leagues in 2011, the other being Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue.