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13-Jul-2019 21:10

The only thing I regret is coming back home and not planning enough time longer to spend here in such lovely country and with such a dear and very gorgeous lady.

I’ll come back to America now after not a long enough trip and I must tell you that I must come back very soon again, as this country and a lady still has kept my heart here in Kremenchug. Ronnie USA Good day to you and this message is to let you know that I really happy with your services and the great attention to details and your help also.

Külön köszönet a tolmácsunknak is a precíz segítségért,amit az első nap nyújtott a. Igaz a második nap,már nem volt szükségünk rá,de érdeme így is nagy.

Minden élmény amit kaptam ónoktól,meghatározó és életre szóló. Tiszta szívből kívánok tovább sikereket,és elégedett ügyfeleket, a hölgyeknek pedig igaz boldogságot.

Both were very happy to see me and to take me to my destination hotel.

Such an amazing experience both with the quality of services these nice people have provided to me.

Allow me to say hello to you for this unforgettable 4 days I spent in Kharkiv.Well after exchange many many letters and almost a full year of video chats, I had finally decided to come to Ukraine and to meet this wonderful lady.Well upon arrival at the Kiev Airport, eventually my plane was late, I was greeted by my amazing interpreter Natasha and branch manager Eugene.The restaurants have had simply amazing food, and was really reasonable considering the amount of food and drink that we had received.

Despite any recent confusion that had arose in the Eastern and Crimea parts of Ukraine the complete rest of Ukraine has remained untouched.

Everyone here was completely happy, and in good spirits to see me.

While not necessarily their fault, this should comprise at least as much of their relational attention as trying to see and diagnose problems in their partners.… continue reading »

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