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29-May-2019 07:54

God wasn’t talking vaguely, but very specifically, to us. We insist on lighting the entire pathway before we’ve ever taken a step, and freaking ourselves out in the process.Scripture reminds us that we were never meant to carry the weight of an entire journey, just the obedience of a single step.To them, marriage is like a real thing that could actually happen.It's like they seriously believe it can happen to them.We feel so much pressure to commit to ‘forever’ after just one cup of coffee, that we burn our tongue trying to drink it quickly.

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Sleeping with a heavy heart and having a glass of wine to try a numb the heavy heart.

To be fair, the floodgates consisted less of actual boyfriends (and official changes in relationship status) and more of text messages and awkward encounters, unrequited flirting, skype “dates”, late night phone calls with declarations of my undying butterflies, awkward breakups that weren’t really breakups, and… When I think about my journey so far, it can be a little depressing if I start to compare.

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