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Meanwhile, Dave did what book-packagers do: He came up with all the other details needed to pitch it to publishing companies as a finished product.

He knew the book had to look and feel like a real survival guide, with sincere-appearing how-to illustrations and a sturdy, bright yellow cover.

Or will you be forced to return home early, or worse? There are twenty-two endings to this adventure, but just ONE will lead to the ultimate success!

for Filipinos living in Greece as the country prepares for Sunday's referendum on the financial bailout reform proposals of its creditors after it defaulted on its International Monetary Fund loan, Malacanang said on Saturday.

Before long it made the Los Angeles Times, Publishers Weekly, and New York Times bestseller lists.

In a couple of years it had spawned a series—every publisher’s dream. Thanks to Chronicle’s expertise in ancillary publishing and Dave and Josh’s seemingly endless supply of cleverness, Worst-Case is no longer just a book but a franchise—complete with a copyright on a phrase previously kept in circulation by worrywarts—that includes a board game, greeting cards, calendars, a poster, a trivia computer-game, an illustrated journal, an address book, audio books narrated by Burt Reynolds and Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller and, in 2002, a short-lived TV series on TBS.

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Will you survive your encounters with piranhas, tarantulas, mosquitoes, monkeys, and jaguars?

The 1999 print-run, mid-sized at 35,000 copies, did much better than expected almost immediately and was sold out for a whole month during that first holiday season.

It seemed the book had tapped into something that was already there: a nascent interest in survivalism, perhaps, or a shared pop-culture reference point.

All the disasters would be treated as legitimate possibilities.

The result was a handbook that was sort of fake and sort of real.

But it would be a lot of work to get real answers to those questions—the key component to the book’s humor, as he imagined it—and at the time he was busy running Book Soup, his book-packaging company.

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