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05-Sep-2019 02:27

It may be that the incident occurred after 2008, but I doubt it was much later as they were still getting registrations and they would have been very heavily Gmail biased by that time.One possibility that would explain the ginormous volume of data that was taken (the extracted breach file is 33GB) is an insider threat.Keep in mind that Linked In was hacked in May 2012 so now we have a window somewhere between then and 2007.Of course this is all assuming an even distribution of accounts over services at similar times which will never be before Linked In was.For example, this Business Insider chart: Keep in mind that this is a US chart (although arguably My Space was US-centric), and even if Gmail was at parity with Yahoo back then we'd still expect more Yahoo accounts as the incumbent mail provider; people were creating My Space accounts before Gmail existed.But check the proportions in April 09: This data feels too late when we think back to the 1:5 and 1:3 ratios for Yahoo and Hotmail versus Gmail.Keep in mind that we're talking about a time where My Space was running into serious trouble and there were a raft of lay-offs, it's highly conceivable that someone literally walked out the door with the data.That's not to say it couldn't have been hacked in a more traditional external-actor sort of way, but the timing is coincidental...

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Here we have the world's largest provider of email addresses and it has only a fifth the prevalence of Yahoo addresses.

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Facebook was on a massive climb and My Space was losing visitors.

However, it wasn't losing and you could speculate that they could have been frozen in time in 2008 then hacked years later and the evidence would still point to the incident occurring 8 years ago.What we really need though is more data from between 20.

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