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21-Aug-2019 13:24

One couple married in June after the female's May graduation.

They had a big wedding, country club reception, and a huge newspaper announcement.

Everyone was well aware they were dating, even the administrators, director of schools and school board.

The other teacher was actually the girls basketball coach and he married one of his players less than six months after her graduation. And since she or he is a senior about to graduate then it shouldnt be a problem.. People will say its bad because the words "High school student" are in it and it makes it seem like they are a child..

The teacher here is the older one, and is the one people are going to be judging; not the high school student.

Maybe in an ideal world it's only up to the two people involved, but the reality is that a teacher dating a high school student is a good way to destroy a fledgling career. Especially when you can just wait a few months until the student is out of school and the level of stigma goes down?

Not too suggestive, Greg, but since you're arguing your own word choice, I feel obliged to point out "pruditry" isn't a word.

And if the belief that social inequality is an ill-chosen foundation for romantic liaisons equals prudery, than I'll happily consider myself a prude-- though more correctly sejant rather than rampant.

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